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Developer's Getting started


Gokien project is currently in its very early stage. You may find these links useful:

Communication channels

Don't be shy, give us a Hi!

Key projects

There are many projects inside Gokien on Github. The following are the key projects that you might find interested:

  • Gokien LSB: produces a Debian package which will replace brand names all over the system as well as the LiveCD so that users will only notice `Gokien` as their distro. More info...
  • Seed metapackages: produces a bunch of Debian meta-packages such as `gokien-artwork`, `gokien-desktop`, `gokien-minimal`, `gokien-standard`, `gokien-shell`. These meta-packages make building ISO and installing system easier. Building `seed metapackages` depends on `platform.precise` and `gokien-seeds.precise` repos. More info...
  • The welcome screen. A small Python script launched on newly-installed systems to give users quick instructions and launchers to key programs. More info...
  • Plymouth theme. A Plymouth (the boot screen) theme with Gokien Logo etc More info...
  • Gokien ISO: the final ISO builder. Requires an APT repo serving Debian packages from the above projects. More info...

HTTP static content projects

These projects are hosted on Github to provide HTTP content (via Github-pages service). They should be the ORIGINAL repos for other hosting solutions to mirror (Git makes incremental updates fun!).

  • gokien-seeds provides an HTTP seed base for `seed-metapackages` project
  • ppa provides a Debian APT repository for Gokien-specific `.deb` packages. Packages are managed by the tool `reprepro`. (The name `apt-repo` is more correct but users often think of the word `ppa`).

Some other How-tos

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