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This project uses IRC as a major means of communication. Follow these guides to understand how you can join us on IRC:

The easiest way to join our IRC channel is through the web interface. Read on if you want to install your own local client.

Basically, what you should do falls along these lines:

  • Install an IRC client (Xchat, chatzilla,…)
  • Join the channel
/nick <your-nick>
/msg NickServ register <password>
/msg NickServ identify <password>
/join #gokien


We use Debian MeetBot to facilitate meetings and discussions on the channel so please make sure you read through the Gokien Bot Tutorial.

Please be respectful in a meeting, don't cut the line. Wait for the current speaker to finish first. Meanwhile, you can use these messages to ask for permission:

  • ?: To ask a question
  • !: To express your own idea other than a question
  • EOF: To end your line.

The meeting logs can be found here:


How to kick and ban someone:

/msg chanserv akick add #gokien <nick> :Because he's a d* ck
/msg chanserv op #gokien  // needs +o (op) flag
/kick <nick>
/msg chanserv deop #gokien
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